Megatron MG

Megatron MG Multi-System Controller

The MegaTron MG microprocessor based controllers are designed to provide a wide range of control functions for recirculating water treatment systems. The MG controller can control up to 4 cooling tower systems. 

The controller is programmed through a front panel keypad and can be configured to provide a customized control system for your application. Your particular unit’s functions can be determined by comparing the units model number to the Model Numbering table listed below.

Model Numbering
MegaTron units have several base system control functions and unit optional features. Your unit may be supplied with one or more of the features described in this manual. To determine what features apply to your unit check the model number label located on the controller enclosure.

Base System Control Functions
C - Tower Conductivity Control
B1- Boiler RTD Conductivity Control
B2- Boiler No Temp Conductivity
P - pH Control
Q - Dual pH Control
R - ORP Control
T - Temperature Control
F1 to F5- Chemical Feed Timers
E - Flow Switch



Whole Unit Optional Features
A - Conduit Connections (115 VAC)
A3 - Liquid tights only for (220-240 VAC)
D - Dry Contact Relays
H - Remote Communications bus only
H1- Internet Connect Communications
H4- Internet Phone Modem Communications
H5- Internet with Cell Modem Router
K - Additional Control Relays
N8 - 4-20mA inputs
O6 - 4-20mA outputs
S - Saturation Index (must have pH)
W - Auxiliary Flow Meter Inputs
Y - ETL Agency Listing / Approvals

Model numbers start MG followed by the Base System Control functions. If multisystem, all of the control functions of system one are followed by a dash then the functions for the next system. If the next system(s) is the same as the one before a (-X2, X3 or X4) is used. Another dash separates the whole unit options listed after all base system control functions. Example: MGCPF3E-X2-DHY.
Notice: Your unit may not have all features and functions described here. This list represents our most popular options, additional option codes are available. Contact us for more details.

Description of Unit
MegaTron controllers may be configured to control one to four separate systems including cooling tower and boiler applications and may have various features depending on the model number. Whether the unit is controlling 1 to 4 systems each individual system can be configured with a variety of the functions / features and there may be feature differences between the systems on a unit with multiple systems. (See model numbering table above).

Control Functions
Each of these control functions are based on an analog input from a probe and will include user settable relay control settings along with a High and Low Alarm setting and Limit Timer. Each control function will include a control relay output. When the reading reaches the Set Point the control relay is activated until the reading changes by the Differential amount.