Effective solutions in water treatment


We supply, install and service the complete range of water treatment equipment and engineered systems to the highest standard to ensure that you obtain the best possible return on investment and customer satisfaction.

At Control Water Solutions, we utilise our vast range of experience and product knowledge, which spans more than 25 years, to help businesses across the UK and Europe achieve environmental compliance and reduce overall operating costs.

We don't sell chemicals, that's not where our expertise lies. We provide our clients with the advice and guidance they need to deliver cost-effective solutions.


Simple to complex solutions

We are well known for providing our customers with outstanding technical support whilst presenting them with the latest in technological advances and ground breaking product designs.

We've been doing this a long time and generally know a lot more about the right solution and the equipment to deliver it than most equipment only suppliers out there.

We're often called in to sort things out when the current solution doesn't work and while that is one of our strengths, we would prefer to be involved at the planning stage.

An initial project plan review will ensure that a solution that is fit for purpose is provided. This review, coupled with professional installation and a preventative maintenance routine, will save time and money later on and avoid costly downtime and inconvenience.

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