Chemical Dosing Pumps

Our EZIDOS K series solenoid driven diaphragm metering pumps provide you with a wide choice of dosing application. These pumps can be supplied as either manual-venting or self-venting. When being used to dose chemicals that have a tendency to gas off we recommend the self-venting models.

The self-venting models siphon around 20% of the delivery back into the chemical drum so consequently they deliver slightly less than the manual venting models.

Pumps within this range are all foot mounted. If you require wall mounted models see our V series range instead. However, we do supply pump brackets for the K series that allow mounting on a wall.

Each model in the range is available for duties between 1L/Hr and 18L/Hr and for pressures between 1Bar up to 20Bar.

Our stock models include;
1L/Hr - 20 bar
2L/Hr - 18 bar
5L/Hr - 10 bar
8L/Hr - 8bar
10L/Hr - 5 bar
18L/Hr - 2 bar
20L/Hr - 1 bar

Our EZIDOS AMS series are constant or proportional dosing pumps with level control for chemical feeding into water at higher volumes.

In Constant dosing mode pump doses a constant volume of chemical regularly as configured by the user.

In Proportional dosing mode pump doses a volume proportionally to an input signal, digital (voltage free contact) or current (mA).

Working modes available:
• constant
• constant with 1-10 pulses divider
• multiplier with 1-10 pulses divider
• divider with 1-10 pulses divider
• divider with 1-100 pulses divider
• divider with 1-1000 pulses divider
• mA current signal (0/4 mA = 0 pulses: 20mA = max pulses) Flow rate is determined by the stroke length and by the stroke speed. The stroke length is adjustable from 0 to 100% using the stroke length adjustment knob. However dosing accuracy is guaranteed within an adjustment range from 30% to 100%. 

Our stock models include;
5 l/h at 25 bar
10 l/h at 15 bar
15 l/h at 10 bar
20 l/h at 7 bar
40 l/h at 3 bar
60 l/h at 2 bar