Control Water Group Ltd (trading as Control Water Solutions) is a leading privately owned company that prides itself on supplying innovative water related instruments to all segments of the water industry across the United Kingdom, Ireland & Mainland Europe.

We believe the secret to success in the water treatment industry is service. When you choose us you benefit from the highest possible levels of service and support throughout the life of our products. We believe the support we offer is as important as the equipment we provide. This includes a full after sales service, product testing, commissioning and either on-site or in-house repair.

"Our goal is to give customers the competitive edge in products, technology and support"

We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for several major manufacturers. Control Water Group Ltd have over 25 years experience in providing cost-effective solutions to the evaporative cooling water sector.

We are a UK supplier of the Dosatronic range of chemical dosing equipment, the comprehensive range of sensors from Pyxis and distributors for Vector Industries.

In addition we also offer a comprehensive range of equipment for many different industrial water applications including cooling tower controllers for safe and efficient running of cooling tower systems, boiler controllers for effective running of a boiler water plant and chlorination equipment for water hygiene control.

Other products include conductivity monitors, ph/orp controllers, corrosion coupon racks, sample coolers, TDS blow down valves, dosing pots, board mounted packages, chemical dosing pumps, dosing tanks, mixers, electrodes, water meters and other accessory items for process water treatment applications.

It is important to point out, however, that we are not simply an equipment supplier. Our strength lies in our ability to work with our clients to design the best engineered solution for the job and provide the products and services to support it.

Whatever your chemical dosing application may be, we are confident that we can provide a quality solution to suit your needs.

We work with our customers to promote strong relationships built on trust around a mutual interest in quality, productivity and profitability. Our customers satisfaction is based on the gains we make together, as is our continuing success as a business.