Cooling Water Treatment

Many complex factors are present in cooling towers and closed cooling systems which can cause corrosion, deposition and microbiological contamination.

These in turn cause a reduction in heat transfer, increased pumping costs and a reduction in plant life as well as increasing risks to health and safety. These problems can be avoided by using the correct dosing and control equipment,

We supply a range of dosing pumps, controllers and supporting accessories for all cooling water applications. Whether you need a multi-system control with Internet communications or a simple bleed and feed analog unit, our controller range provides the answer. We have models to control conductivity, pH, ORP, temperature, flow, feed timers plus many options and features to meet your unique requirements.

We are now able to provide a new range of inline fluorometers for PTSA. Fluorescein, NDSA and TTA. Contact us for more information about PTSA monitoring and our range of related equipment.

Programming our controllers is simple using the ATM style menu which is viewed via a 16 line LCD graphic display. There is also a history management feature that allows you to view graphs, data logs and sensor history as well as a unique Notepad feature for service reporting.