At Control Water Solutions we aim to be a one stop shop for all of your chemical dosing requirements. We keep a wide stock of all of the most popular items but anything that we don't happen to have in stock when you enquire we can get very quickly.

Standard items include chemical dosing tanks in natural translucent uPVC and black plus matching bunds.


Solid Chemical Feeders

Solid chemical feeders are also very popular now. We stock single and double bowl feeders and with non-electric make-up valve and also single dissolving bowl feeders with 12volt DC controller. 

The image shows a single bowl feeder with dosing pump attached. We can supply shelves to allow the use of  pumps from other suppliers of your choice.




Brominators provide a simple & effective method of controlling the dissolution of solid Bromine tablets into cooling water systems. Bromine like chlorine, prevents the build up of biofilm that can occur on heat exchangers & evaporative surfaces. However unlike chlorine, Bromine continues to be effective in waters with a pH up to 9 which makes it preferential to use.

Various options are available to control the tablet dissolution rate ranging from simple manual to automatic control. With manual control the rate at which the tablets dissolve is controlled by regulating the amount of water passing through the Brominator which is usually monitored by a flow meter.

With automatic control a Redox controller constantly monitors the bromine level to control a solenoid valve on the water inlet to the Brominator. Alternatively a timer can be used in conjunction to allow controlled addition during set times of the week/day.

Our stock items are too extensive to list here in full but include;

Dosing Tubing in a range of sizes and lengths is available in both MDPE and PTFE and can also be supplied as double wall (sometimes referred to as bunded tubing) with either yellow or black LDPE outer.

Corrosion Coupon Racks

Corrosion Coupon Racks provide a reliable way of monitoring the effectiveness of your water treatment program against the damaging effects of corrosion.
Our revolutionary “Quick Disconnect” coupon holder design with O ring seal requires no tools for removing the coupon. Simply hand loosen & tighten.
All standard models include the coupon holder, nylon mounting hardware, inlet & outlet ball valves all mounted on a corrosion resistant poly board.


• Mounted on Polyethylene board

• Quick Disconnect Holder

• Available in PVC, Black Iron or S/S

• Wall mount

Can have up to 6 coupon holders
Inlet & Outlet Isolating valves
Available in 3/4” & 1” versions
Recommended flow rate 10-37 L/min